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Cadd Engineering Supply Showroom

Cadd Engineering Supply has been serving South Dakota and the surrounding area for over two decades. CES has the experience and equipment you need to meet your increasingly tight schedules and save you time and money! We specialize in Wide Format Printing, Sales, and Service. CES is a small local business. This means  it is easy to contact us personally and get quick service. 


We will be the engine that helps drive your success, within the scope of our offering. Our experienced team plays an active role in working together. We provide expert knowledge for customers; whether it is helping find the right equipment, printing your project, or simply getting your equipment running again. We want to work quickly and efficiently to get you what you need. Our office is located just off the 12th Street exit. We support customers throughout South Dakota, and into the North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska area.

Over the past 20 years of doing so, Cadd Engineering Supply has been doing what we do best. That includes running blueprints, fixing equipment, selling supplies, plotting cad, .dwg, PDF files, printing/binding spec books and making large document copies. CES is always upgrading equipment to be able to print fast and keep the quality. Now with the latest technology we can provide fast, affordable, great quality COLOR prints.

Thank you For Allowing Us to Serve You!

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